RMail Pricing

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Per User

1 User


Auto-renews monthly

RMail Personal

$7 per User

Per user.

RMail Standard

$15 per User

Per user.

Shared Volume

5 or more users

Per user per year.

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API & Custom Integrations

Messages per Mth 2 25 200 Varies by Plan Unlimited users
Email Open Tracking
Timestamp Open Reports
Send Marked to Convey Importance
Send Unmarked for Appearance of Normal Email
Proof of delivery, time of delivery, and exact content
Delivery Audit Trail
Message Authentication & Reconstruction
Advanced Archiving Options*
Message Level Encryption
Multiple Password Options
Prove Compliant Encrypted Delivery
Auto TLS
Content Filtering
Send Documents for Signature
Sign Documents
Multi-Party Signoff
Signing Order Options
LargeMailTM File Transfer Up to 200 MB Up to 1GB Up to 1GB Up to 1GB Up to 1GB
PDF Conversion
SideNote® Private Notes
DigitalSeal® Sender Authentication
Metadata Removal
PDF Form Automation*
Online Knowledge Base
Support Ticketing
Phone Support
Premium Support*
Automated Reporting
Custom Reporting*
Custom Branding and Localization*
Custom API Integration*