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Control Document Access

Track or Restrict Access

RDocs converts any presentation or document into a Rights Protected Document file – an RPD™ file – which empowers the sender to track reader activity or restrict access to certain viewers – all with no companion software download or logins for readers.

Manage Content Sharing

Control Who Views What When

Instantly transform any document into an RPD™ file, save or send. With a click or a flick, you can make a document self-destruct on a timer, after a number of views, or restrict sharing via print, copy, forward or photo.

Restrict Views by Location

The Power of Where

Location, Location, Location. Modernize the way you think about reader location. You can send an RPD™ attachment, restrict the geography where it can be viewed, or define the internet locations where it can be accessed – by reader domain, IP range, or geographic region.

Control or Kill Content After Sent

Perfect Send for the Fickle or Accident Prone

Whether you later decide that sensitive document probably should not live a full life out-in-the-ether or in your colleague’s inbox; or you realize you accidentally sent sensitive content to the wrong recipient, if it was sent as an RPD™ file attachment, rest assured, you have total control of your document even while it is at the recipient. You can kill the document – make it self-destruct without trace – or temporarily disable viewing, and more; all after the send.

Interact In-the-Document

Think Social Documents, Collaboration Re-Invented

The coolness of social media now meets electronic documents. We’ve built the power of social interaction into documents. Now you can track not only who views what, when and where, and for how long, but you can also append notes into the document and tally viewers votes, likes, and feedback --- in real time. As they read, you see their feedback. As they “like”, you tally their reactions.

Why We Are Unique

Finally, DRM that is easy enough for real people to actually use; we’re never going to require readers to download, login, or have any special software. Elegantly easy.

Full Rights Controls

We’re all about innovation. We have rethought document rights management with our homegrown patent-pending technology which means we don’t make anyone install special software to send or view. Yet, we’re all about providing all the rights you can imagine – control viewing access, duration, sharing, tracking, and more, for any document sent to anyone, even after sent.

Preserve Power of Email

We believe you should be able to apply controls to any document in the normal flow of your email collaboration. We’ve designed RDocs to preserve the power of email – no storage in the middle, no companion downloads for readers – pure attach-and-send normalcy; with pure access and content control bliss.

In-Document Interactivity

Innovation is in our DNA. We’re not only reinventing document rights management, but we’re also re-inventing the category. For those without access, deny them viewing. For those with access, let them flourish by empowering them to provide in-the-moment-of-reading real-time feedback to you, the originator. And we make it easy for you to tally likes, dislikes, votes, on any document, and in real-time.

Leakers Folly

RDocs uniquely solves the challenge of identifying who leaked what content when. The RDocs steganography option adds authorized reader visual identity tags that traverse each viewed page. Readers visually see that if they were to share a snapshot of any one page or part of a page, they would be at risk of the leak being easily traced back to them.

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