Optimize Insurance

Highlights: Optimizing Work-from-Home for Insurance Professionals

These webinar highlights provide security, compliance, and productivity tools and tips shared by insurance professionals.

E-Signatures: Optimize business operations with RSign e-signatures for feature-rich, easy to use, and more affordable e-signature services.

E-Security: Automate e-security training with RMail Recommends™. When the user clicks the normal “Send” button, RMail predicts whether to recommend or require a specific RMail feature be applied to the message, or whether the message should be sent as a standard email. Main benefits are (a) forcing encryption or other features on specific messages to mitigate risk of data breaches and to maximize compliance proof, and (b) automatically training and sensitizing users as to what is important enough to send encrypted or with other features.


  • Evelyn Corrigan, Operations Manager at Driscoll and Driscoll
  • Jessica Albano, Chief Operating Officer at Bryan Asset Protection
  • Laura Crawford, Operations Manager at the Virginia Commonwealth Corp.
  • Linda Thalheimer, Insurance Broker at Thalheimer Insurance