Social Documents, Secure

The post-pandemic world has accelerated the future of work. As decentralization rapidly grows, digital tools need to bring teams and business partners closer together and boost collaboration. RDocs™ allows your network to stay connected while safeguarding digital rights, digital lifespan, and digital footprints of who is viewing what content and when.

Collaboration Re-Invented

RDocs™ enables in-document real-time interactivity in a secure environment ready for the hybrid workspace.

Append contextual notes to your documents, display the readers list, and use RDocs™ (applicable for marketing teams) to distribute and track reading of brochures and other assets securely. RDocs™ even allows senders to route responses to their preferred inbox. All from within the shared document.

Capture Sentiment

Originators can allow reader polls; votes are recorded for each tracked reader and are tallied for the originator in a web dashboard to easily track and view both the individual votes as well as the aggregate vote tally for each document.

Originators can also choose to display the tally in-document for all readers to see.