Manage Content Sharing

Senders can make a document self-destruct on a timer, on a specific date, after a number of views, or at the click of a button – for example, to “unsend” a misaddressed sensitive attachment. RDocs™ further allows the originator to add dynamic watermarks that are associated with each viewer to discourage unauthorized sharing, or ultimately to track a leaker. Originators can even restrict screen captures and printing. RDocs™ allows you to control every aspect of who is reading what, where, when, how many times, how long, and even revoke access temporarily or permanently after the send.

Leakers Folly

RDocs™ empowers originators with actionable proof to identify those who disclose sensitive content.


Global average total cost of a data breach.*

*Source: Deloitte, Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021

Identify Leakers

Document originators can opt to add steganographic or overt dynamic watermarks that are in-motion floating and uniquely identifiable to each authorized recipient. In the overt mode, readers visually see that if they were to share a snapshot of any one page or part of a page, they would be at risk of the leak being easily traced back to them. As a result, RDocs™ not only discourages unauthorized sharing (in the overt mode), but can further provide court-admissible proof of who shared any unauthorized snapshot of a document (in steganographic or overt mode). We call this Leakers Folly.

Advanced Content Controls

Document Owners can restrict printing, add a “draft”, “confidential” or company logo watermark, timestamp the original document, receive proof of sending and notification of reads, and more. Even after the share, Document Owners have the option to pause or revoke access to their documents for all readers, one or some.

This way, RDocs™ not only prevents unauthorized distribution, but also adds security layers to further discourage leaking.

Self-Destruct on a Timer

Users can set a timer to ensure confidential files are destroyed after a specified time. Once the timer is set, RDocs™ destroys the file automatically. This provides an extra layer of security for businesses that deal with sensitive information and want to ensure that their confidential documents cannot be accessed after a certain period of time.

Printing Restrictions

RDocs™ allows users to disable printing of their sensitive documents. With RDocs™, users can be assured that unauthorized users will not be able to print their confidential information, providing an additional layer of protection against data breaches.