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2020 in Review & What’s to Come

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2020 has been a year nobody will forget any time soon, and it presented every one of us with unprecedented challenges in our personal and professional lives. At RPost, we applaud those on our team across the world who were inspired by the chance to use the tools we built over the years and the resources within our means to look outward and assist those in need.

While we could not wave a magic wand and make everything perfect, our teams accelerated their efforts to help businesses everywhere continue operations with our feature-rich and more affordable RSign® e-signature automation and to secure (everyone’s newly unstructured home) offices with our simple to use, very effective RMail® e-security.

Our Team Is With You, Many Working Behind The Scenes

From Los Angeles, Boston, San Jose, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, London, Madrid, Hyderabad...

Some of the passionate RPost team members, internationally.

While we are not the biggest in tech, our customers and partners everywhere have applauded our efforts to continue to innovate for them over the years, the world over, through good times and when challenged. We have a special niche and have always aimed to be there for our customers when they need us most. Why do we do this? Because we’ve learned over the last 20 years in this business that our customers are counting on us every day. Because we live and breathe security and process optimization. Because we can’t afford to take our customers for granted.

Innovating for You for 20 Years.

We invented the Registered Email track and prove service and debuted it at Internet World in Los Angeles in 2000 just as the dot-com bubble burst. Hard work ensued, as we built Registered Email services into today’s global standard for email Legal Proof®.

This core patented technology is the back bone of today’s great RMail® e-security and RSign® e-signature platforms. Sure, there were challenging times through the journey (although none quite as strange as those in 2020!) -- people changed, technology evolved, economies collapsed -- but for us, it has been all about keeping our products fresh and relevant, personalizing our approach, and being there to help our customers digitize more, all along the way.

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We’re proud to have been there for our customers; many of whom have relied on us every day for more than a decade. As Andrea Thomas, enterprise application manager at our longest served government customer, the United States Congress’ Government Accountability Office (GAO), explained, “Our users highly depend on and very much cherish the Registered Receipt record that they get back that meets a very big legal requirement that we yes, we are big users, and we highly, highly depend on RMail.” GAO has been relying on the RMail Registered Email service daily, for 17 years, when they first purchased our services from our partner AT&T, through AT&T’s GSA schedule.

In Sea Of Change, We Focused

We Try Harder for You, To Ensure Our Customers’ Success.

While we started the year building for some important trends -- automation everywhere, demand for more API connectivity, email encryption user experience becoming essential, and a drive for e-sign affordability at scale -- we found that suddenly all of these became absolutely critical for our customers, everywhere. When the pandemic began, we built a rapid response team and launched four initiatives in March, each we believe, playing an important role in helping our friends and their friends adapt to what is now a cliché: ‘the new normal’. We were fortunate to be in a position to contribute through the services we provide and the resources we had at hand.

Our Four Main March Initiatives Were…

Pandemic (Free) Work from Home Readiness Program

We pioneered an approach to put our e-sign and e-security technology in the hands of users first, free with no contracts, in a time of business need. We built a coalition of partners everywhere, that spread the word. We are proud to have enabled so many to help their members and friends, bringing positivity in what at the time seemed like a sea of risk.

API Everywhere, Feature Richness Required

It seemed that all of a sudden, partners, customers, platforms all wanted to integrate RMail and RSign into everything they could using our API. And everyone suddenly needed – mission critically – the edge features we have. While we like to think we were able to support all of these customer needs all of the time, we know we tried -- and we did most of the time. For those who had to wait a few extra weeks for our teams to catch up, we thank you for your patience.

More RPost’ers Everywhere

We realized that new demands for our feature-rich RSign e-sign and RMail e-security services were everywhere and that our customers had needs for more support in a new, remote world. We rapidly (and carefully) expanded our company headcount more than twofold, with local teams operating from business hubs in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. For all of those who worked with some of our new RPost’ers, we emphasized training, and we trust that they were able to help. We wanted you to know with confidence that we were here for you; that at RPost, we simply couldn’t afford to make you enter a support queue. Or upcharge for each feature. Or not be the most affordable. Or not continuously innovate so that we can always be the most feature-rich while easy to use. We wanted you to know that we believe that we can’t be anything less than the best e-sign and e-security product with the best people and service to support you.

Optimize!2020 E-Sign & E-Security Virtual User Conference Series

We reinvented the user conference with our unique people-centric virtual user conference series. We started with an aspiration to build our own virtual conference center (click to view) in a way that could nurture live interaction with a flair for networking and interactivity. It became, as the year progressed, a must-attend event with thousands of companies across the Americas and Europe visiting our global user conference in June, and then our industry and regional conferences, for EuropeTech and LegalTech, InsurTech, FinTech, and RealTech sectors. This was not a glorified webinar with someone droning on about a stale PowerPoint deck – they were truly interactive forums for sharing with RMail and RSign users helping other users.

Our Optimize! Stories Inspired, With (Techy) Passion

We were not just securing email and e-signing,

we were helping our customers achieve their goals more effectively.

The passion reflected in our customer stories affirmed that all of those late nights and coffee binges had a favorable result -- we heard from our customers how our innovations were making their lives better.

We captured more than 100 customer stories from great companies like Coca Cola, Allianz, Tata, Xerox, Mercury Insurance, Ingram Micro, Jungheinrich, Impellam, United States Government regulators, among many others. We heard executives describe RPost as “Phenomenal...absolutely essential...” [from Loudoun County, Virginia] and “RPost has been awesome in working with us...” [from the United States Securities & Exchange Commission].

Word Spread, We Had “Humanized” Our Products

It became known that we try hardest at being there for you, our customers and our partners.

Some of RPost’s customer-facing teams at international industry conferences.

For our teams supporting our partners and helping them support their customer onboarding, it is vital to start out right with new services that are easy to use, work well and have the features they need now (and will need in the future). We give our partners the training and attention their team needs from partner success and support staff that makes us proud every day.

And the word spread of our approach: that RPost was big enough to support even the most complex requirements, but yet small enough to care; to care to harness feature-richness plus affordability for you, and to be flexible with service plans and to deliver with friendlier people.

Our Global Partnership with the World’s Largest Tech Distributor Blossoms on a World Scale.

We had been working with Ingram Micro and their cloud marketplace and CloudBlue programs for years in order to bring the best in e-sign and e-security feature-richness and affordability to their managed service providers for the benefit of customers. As word spread of not only our great products, but also our personalized approach and commitment to partner success, partners everywhere brought us into their marketspaces.

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Our original RPostal offering re-imagined...

Frama launched their Imnudoo online postage product that includes options to send Registered Email™ proof, RMail® encrypted email, and RSign® e-signatures integrated and offered in partnership with a growing ecosystem of postal operators.

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While Catering to Local MSPs, Global Firms Asked to Join, like Dell and SoftwareOne.

With many localized and specialized managed service providers helping their clients with RMail and RSign -- many global IT providers realized their clients could benefit from RPost -- from not only its great feature-rich technology, but also with a friendly quick start, supported, and flexible approach. Our partner success program caters to local and global providers.

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“Future Proofing” Comes Natural At RPost

Innovation is in our DNA

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