Send. Unsend.

Whether you need to revoke access to a document for a specific reader, or you realize you sent the wrong file by mistake, or simply decide to kill a document altogether, RDocs™ gives you peace of mind with powerful after-the-send controls.

Own Your Data

Keep track of who is reading what and where, how much time readers spend on the file, what their opinions are, decide whether to ban access for one, some or all, and even kill documents. All with one click from your “History” or “Manage” tab.

Many access controls can be toggled after the send. This allows you to, for example, expire and unexpire documents, limit readership to certain viewers, expand the authorized readers list, and more.

Insights are presented to the Originator in a web-based activity log, displaying:

  • Document settings
  • Document status (Active/Expired)
  • Reader status (Active/Banned)
  • Tracked distribution (forwards)
  • Who read what, when and for how long
  • Who liked or disliked the document
  • Who voted to approve the document content and how they voted
  • How many times the original document was viewed
  • Time duration of each viewer’s reading
  • Geographic IP location of each reading

Temporarily Expire or Re-Activate Any Document at Will

With RDocs™, senders have the ability to temporarily expire or re-activate any document at will, for all users or for specific users. They can easily expire the document that was mistakenly sent to the incorrect recipient, even after the document has been sent, delivered, or downloaded. This not only helps businesses maintain confidentiality and security, but it also saves them from potential legal issues that may arise from a data breach.

Securely Erase All Traces of Your Confidential Documents

RDocs™ offers a document-killing capability that allows users to permanently delete any document and all of its traces, including metadata. This ensures that confidential documents are completely wiped out and cannot be accessed by unauthorized users. With RDocs™, businesses can rest assured that their sensitive information is protected at all times.

Protect Your Confidential Information Without Leaving Any Traces

If a user sends an RPD™ to the wrong person by mistake or simply decides to revoke access to one, many or all readers, with RDocs™ there's now a solution. RDocs™ lets users revoke access to recipients even after the RPD™ has been sent. This ensures sensitive information remains secure and limits access to authorized recipients only. The advanced technology offers a reliable and convenient document management solution with unparalleled security.