A Data Room Without the Room

With today´s ubiquity of document distribution, the risk of leakage of confidential information, unauthorized data exposure, or even theft of intellectual property has never been so big. RDocs™ allows you to share documents (for example, related to a financial transaction) with your network in a secure manner, and control every aspect of who is reading what, where, when, how many times, for how long, and even revoke access temporarily or permanently after the send.

The Dawn of RPD™

The RDocs™ service converts any document or presentation into an RPD™ (Rights Protected Document) file type, which displays to the reader as a simple .html file that can be opened in any browser, and in any device.

With RPD™s, the security features selected by the document originator are prescribed into the file itself. This means that there is no storage of content anywhere; pure compliance bliss.


Risks of data leak has increased 3x compared to before the Covid-19 pandemic.*

*Source: Deloitte, Impact of COVID-19 on Cybersecurity

A Security Level for Every Need

RDocs™ allows originators to decide what level of security is embedded in every Rights Protected Document (RPD™).

Level 1 Security: Track Views

With Level 1 Security there is no requirement at the recipient other than to open and view documents.

Document originators can opt to restrict viewing to certain geographic locations or other internet locations, such as only within their corporate network.

Document originators may additionally choose to protect the content by scheduling a precise document availability, and may apply additional advanced content protections to the document, including:

  • Proof of sending
  • Watermarking
  • Timestamping the original document
  • Print restricting
  • Killing a document

A common use for Track Views: Level 1 Security is to be able to have visibility into the popularity of a document that may be transmitted or posted for download (number of times viewed, duration of viewing, etc.) and yet retain the ability to pause or expire viewing for all viewers.

Level 2 Security: Track Readers

In addition to Level 1 Security Controls, Level 2 Security provides the original sender insights tagged to each reader.

This enables even further content controls:

  • Dynamic watermarking to discourage ID leakers
  • Pausing or removing access to individual readers
  • Multi-factor authentication to access your document

Readers are identified, associated with their authenticated email address, and insights are displayed to the originator in a web-based activity log, displaying:

  • Notification of reading
  • Who read what and when
  • Tracked distribution (forwards)
  • How many times the original document was read
  • Time duration of each viewer’s reading
  • Geographic IP location of each reading

This makes RDocs™ a powerful marketing tool, allowing you to hyper-target readers based on how much time they spent reading your documents and which pages caught their interest the most.

Level 3 Security: Limit Readers

Level 3 Security provides the original sender all the controls and insights of Level 2 Security, plus additionally allows the originator to restrict specifically who can read the document to prevent forwarding.

Readers are tracked and restricted to only those pre-authorized. Two-factor authentication assures the reader associated with their email address is in fact who the originator has authorized to access the RPD™ file.

Additionally, Level 3 Security provides an extra layer of protection by allowing the document originator to:

  • Restrict viewing of the document to a registered viewer or list of registered viewers
  • Restrict forwarding (distribution) of the document by registered viewers
  • Make changes to the list of authorized readers after the send

Flexible Distribution Options

With RDocs™, users have the power to either send their documents immediately, converting them to RPD™ filetype en route, or to convert and download for manual distribution at their convenience. This flexibility provides control over the distribution process while ensuring the security of sensitive documents.

Reader’s Bliss

For your readers, accessing an RPD™ is as easy as opening any PDF. You can choose to send the RPD™ via email, or post on your website for click-view or download. Readers simply need to open your file in their browser to visualize like they would any regular PDF.