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We’re not just securing email and eSigning.

We’re helping Insurance Agents & Brokers protect the privacy of their client data, all the while speeding business which makes clients happy.

And we’ve been doing it with them since 2000.

eSignature & E-Mail Security for Insurance Agents and Brokers

RMail RSign
eSignatures: Main Uses
Electronic signature for insurance applications and claims forms.
Email Security: Main Uses
Protecting privacy of personal client data, comply with HIPAA, GDPR and other privacy regulations. Prove e-delivery of claims and renewal notices.
Popular Features
RMail Gateway email encryption automation, Registered Email™ e-delivery proof, RSign eSignature.
Industry Accolades

“For top brokers, Registered Email® messages gives iron-clad proof of performance – evidence that will hold up in court,” explained Ken Crerar, President, The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers. First endorsed by The Council in 2004, RMail transforms insurance business operations by delivering simple-to-use email encryption for legal compliance, eSignatures, and other sending options, to save time and money.

Watch full video of Jim Dahoney discuss RMail and RSign at Optimize!2020.

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Customers want a tool that’s easy to use. They want to be able to get what they need securely, safely and efficiently, and RPost does provide that for us.

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Jim Dahoney

Jim Dahoney

SVP, CIO, Director of Strategic Acquisitions
Marshall & Sterling Insurance

Features & Benefits

All-in-One Messaging Solution for Insurance Professionals

Insurance professionals are continually under pressure to perform quickly and accurately when dealing with clients, carriers, and brokers. At the same time, they are expected to maintain compliance with privacy laws such as HIPAA and keep a verifiable record of their emails and client transactions. These mandates may seem challenging and contradictory, yet they are remarkably easy to achieve with RMail.

Every day, thousands of premier insurance agencies, brokers, and carriers around the world use RMail and RSign to:

  • Encrypt sensitive emails and documents for compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, and other privacy regulations
  • Retain legal proof of delivery (including encrypted delivery), time of delivery, and exact content for client and carrier/broker communications, post placement administrative correspondence, binding coverage, verifying strategic conversations, verifying terms and conditions or changes in coverage, and more.
  • Get fast, legally-binding, electronic signatures on decisions, waivers, payments, and settlements.
  • Move client correspondence from paper-based to paperless delivery.

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I just really like this new service from RMail [called] RMail Recommends, which helps employees train on what information should be encrypted that they’re sending out. It’s a great tool that is customizable by organization to help you manage cyber exposure.

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Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson

Insurance Industry Tech Guru, Author

What Really Matters when Selecting an Encryption Provider?

As with any maturing technology, the novelty and mystery of email encryption has basically worn off. Encryption’s usefulness to maintaining data privacy is widely understood, and the general public increasingly demands its use to protect personal privacy. With encryption technology reaching a point of parity between top providers as far as “security” is concerned, what are other important considerations for insurance professionals?

  • Ease of Use – If an encryption system is cumbersome to use, agents will circumvent it, leaving the business with the legal and financial consequences.
  • Proof of Compliance – When a complaint is filed against you because of a downstream data breach, how will you get off the hook? Do you have a way to prove your correspondence was sent encrypted?

Ease of Use

RMail is the only encryption provider that allows true direct delivery of encrypted content to the recipient’s inbox through and encrypted transmission or message-level encrypted AES-256 Bit PDF wrapper, so recipients won’t need to register or log in to a separate website to access their secure messages. This means less time spent showing clients how to access their secure messages, eliminating a common source of frustration that leads agents to circumvent other encryption systems.

On top of that, multiple configurable password options and an auto TLS setting (transport layer security) make it easy for insurance professionals to ensure privacy compliance and vary the level of privacy and security depending on the type of message, content, regulations, or recipients.

The Power of Proof

As important as the act of encrypting an email is, it’s only the first part of a successful compliance strategy. If a data breach occurs downstream of your involvement with the sensitive information, you could still find yourself under investigation and possibly made culpable for the breach if you don’t have reliable proof of compliance. With RMail’s Registered Receipt email record, you’ll get court-admissible evidence of compliance with every RMail message you send, proving encrypted delivery, time of delivery, and exact message content.

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A property and casualty claim was denied months after it was submitted because the insurance company claimed they didn’t receive proper and timely notice. However, because we sent the claim via RPost, we easily tracked down the submission and proved the original time it was sent, received and opened. The insurance carrier was forced to reverse their previous position and cover the claim.

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Peter Prinsen

VP & General Counsel, The Graham Company

eSignature for Greater Efficiency

RSign and RMail’s electronic signature features make it easy to get fast, legally-binding electronic signatures on applications, contracts and other documents, using any Internet-connected device. It’s easy to use — just attach your document, select the e-contracting option, and send. The recipient will receive an email with a link that initiates a guided signing process, and signed copies will be distributed to both parties.

With electronic signature capabilities built into RMail, there’s no need to pay for a separate service. RMail lets you do it all. Or, you can add RSign for more automation, rules, dependencies and guided eSigning.

Peer Reviews

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We use RMail and RSign as well. There are so many great benefits to those packages. The cost is amazing, and the systems are much easier to use.

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Rebecca Doyle

Tracy-Driscoll & Co. which uses Applied Epic.

Insurance professionals using Applied Systems also explained why they add RMail email encryption and RSign eSignatures. As Cari Schoepf at the Jones Group explained at Optimize!2020, “We demo’d a lot of different avenues for email encryption and RMail is so easy to use. I onboard all of our new staff with it.” (Click here to listen to her 1-minute discussion).

Ingo Wittig at Durham & Bates Insurance explained their use of Applied Systems with RMail Gateway to automate email encryption and RSign to automate eSignatures: “We started looking at RSign because we like the templates; we like being able to store everything. We keep everything in our agency management system so, with RSign, we’re able to move things really pretty quickly.” (Click here to listen to his 1-minute discussion).

Requirements: Legal & Compliance

RMail® email encryption provides simple to use and automated privacy compliance for HIPAA, GDPR, and other state and country regulations protecting personal private information, returning auditable proof of privacy compliance in the form of a Registered Receipt™ email record for each message sent. Registered Email™ e-delivery proof provides legal and court admissible records for e-delivery of client renewal notices, policy riders and waivers, and claims first notices to carriers. RSign® e-signatures return and certified audit trail to serve as legal electronic signatures, used in the insurance industry and accepted by insurance carriers internationally for more than a decade.

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