Optimize 2020

Compliance Panel: The Importance of Registered Receipt Proof

The Registered Email™ service has been the gold standard for e-mail proof for two decades. Its Registered Receipt™ record is self-contained evidence, elegantly packaged to support any compliance privacy audit or to solve any question of who sent what to whom and when.

Moderator: Zafar Khan, RPost CEO


  • Allianz: Global insurance provider explains reliance on Registered Email™ track & trace capability for highest level of forensic, authenticatable proof of e-delivery. A discussion with Allianz forensic criminology and data analyst.
    • Natasja Voorsluijs, MSc Forensic Criminology, Data Analyst
  • Loudoun County, Virginia: IPart of the Washington DC metro area, official government notifications were first converted from paper mail to a standard email, but due to high claims of non-receipt and challenges in verifying fact of content delivered (or not), official notices were then converted to Registered Email™ messages.
    • Bonnie Brown, Deputy Treasurer